Hawfinch breeding in Norfolk 2018

It was an excellent spring for Hawfinches nesting around The Brecks, I  monitored 5 pairs with at least two of them being successful. I found the first nest on 6th May after a great deal of searching and with a lot of patience, I then watched the nest every day until 4 chicks fledged on 31st May when they were 14 days old.


On 13th June I found a juvenile from another brood that was being fed on the ground by both of its parents, it was rather younger than the other fledglings from the earlier nest. I estimate only 10-11 days old, over the next 7 days it gradually grew stronger and made its way up into the canopy still being protected and fed by both parents. It was being fed every 3 minutes as it sat on the ground.


In all the years I have been studying Hawfinches I have never had so many sightings of immature birds, I have been able to watch the young birds from the first nest that I found for over three weeks as well as many sightings of different adults at a couple of my feeding areas.